Module 8- Fundraising

With heaps of pressing campaigns to deal with, groups often don’t put in time and resources to fundraise, but money is key to tackling campaigns effectively. Money helps boost campaigns -be it for booking meeting spaces, conducting workshops, trying innovative methods of outreach or celebrating successes!

Here are some simple ways to take care of the regular expenses that crop up :

Merchandise : - Merchandising is a great way to raise small funds for your local group – the biggest challenge with merchandising is to find a good location, suited to your merchandise. Bring together the best of fundraising and outreach by selling cupcakes outside a local theatre, merchandising at a concert, or by setting up a table at an environment/social cause conference. One could also approach corporates, asking for room to set up stalls.


Small Events: If you have a limited budget to raise funds, small events are a great way to go!  Host a garage sale with items you don’t use anymore, or spend the weekend selling baked goods at a local street! Small events help maintain a constant flow of funds with ease. Done right, one event a month is enough to support outreach expenses for a month.

Grants: - If you’ve been doing good work for some time, many organisations are willing to back your finances. NGOs typically have schemes to fund, start, or expand your method of outreach. Living Free India itself has a small grants scheme that you can apply for, simply by filling up a form 2 weeks in advance! Other grant giving organisations include the Pollination Project and the Veg Fund!

Big Events: While most events mentioned here need regular recurrence, big events are an exception. An event like a Vegan Festival can surely mean more time and effort – but it also implies financial stability that isn’t offered by any other means on the list. Based on a model of high effort, high result, the key to big events seems to be planning and executing ideas well in advance and choosing a place where an audience is a given.


A little money can go a long way in providing you that comfortable cushion to manage outreach better! While there is no ‘one size fits all’ scheme of fundraising we hope you find in a fit in any one of these methods!


Expert Speak


The successful applicant of 2 grants Aneeha and Darshana are great at acquiring grants and setting up meetings with potential donors! Give a shout out to them at and

Video of the month!


Make-A-Wish Utah Chief Executive Officer Shar Lewis, gives ideas on how to run a successful fundraising events and create community awareness year after year!

Quick Tip-Donor anyone?

Social gatherings are a great place to find potential supporters– someone may offer their conference hall
for a workshop, or offer to fund some food samples - keeping a short description of your cause at
hand at the right opportunity can help get new supporters – so always keep looking!