Module 6 - Building your Community

Success is the result of many shoulders being put together, and not individual bravado- that, is the essence of community building – to get multiple people active and involved in a cause dear to them, to the best of their capability, and having fun while you’re at it.

Simple as it may sound, community building is no easy task! Building consensus and moving forward as one is a delicate tightrope walk – here we share some lessons that worked for us!

  • Creating a Community: The first step to creating a community is getting like-minded people on a common platform and starting your group. Any new member joining the community should be introduced and involved in group activities within a week of meeting community members.
  • Fulfilling Community Aspirations: Each community has certain aspirations - Do you want to leaflet, or do video outreach? Hold a potluck or a debate? Reach out to kids or young mothers? Meeting and matching the aspirations of different community members while keeping in mind the purpose of your work is important.
  • Regularity is Key: Holding regular events and meetings is central to the growth and longevity of any group! There is no substitute for personal interaction- and thats how we grow, in breadth and depth! Weekly events create room for this interaction, not to mention help promote the cause of veganism! It is in organising these events and ensuring people turn up for them that communities grow!
  • Creating a culture of fun and cheer: While commitment to a cause is important, what binds people together is a sense of bonding that is difficult to find outside of the group – to keep the spirit of fun and cheer going, and group building, events such as Potlucks, Brave The Crate , Do You Buy The Lie ?, food tasting events or any other innovative campaign to ensure the liveliness of the group remains intact. It develops more interest and participation by everyone.
  • Building Ownership: One of the biggest strengths of local communities is that it allows people to feel ownership for a cause dear to them – that singular strength should be promoted, rewarded and cultivated! Connecting likeminded people with settled ideas (for instance, everyone who wants to do leafleting), and providing support for the growth of new ideas is great to build ownership.
  • Celebrating Success: Celebrate milestones, small or big! Acknowledging the efforts of people is a great way to keep people motivated! Congratulate them on your local groups on Whatsapp, as well as on the Living Free community page to make them feel treasured about their contributions is key to building a healthy community.
  • Be positive, stay positive: Like all groups, differences are bound to arise in yours as well – ensure both sides of a story are heard and promote a culture of positivity that shuns/disapproves of bickering. This will form a healthy happy group that works better, for longer!


Expert Speak


A peer education programme is a great way to start a community! The Delhi Programme in particular ensures a healthy mix of activism, fun, growth, and ownership! Chat with Harshdeep from DPEP to start a young community in your town at


Quick Tip:

Making A Group Always Helps


Making a whatsapp or a Facebook group with all the members of the community helps you in keeping in constant touch with your mates. You can also post anything and everything important with reference to the activities of the group. This helps build a relationship with your team along with updating them.


Video of the month!


To help you out further, this video explains how to manage a group or a community in the most effective and democratic way possible.