Module 3 - Marketing your group

 There is a reason why publicity helps – a well attended event helps get the word out to thousands of people about something amazing that happened in the world of veganism! Mega phoning your message is important in getting others to join you and make the movement popular.

There are two types of crowds we aim to market ourselves to - One is the internal community of activists within the country, which offers a space for sharing ideas, ideologies,  networking, learning and inspiration The second is our local external community, that we both reach out to and can gain active participants from. The best way to reach out to the first group is a strong digital presence, while the second group benefits from local events.


Let’s take a detailed look at each.


Digital Platforms   


  1. Facebook Pages and groups: Using the support of existing popular groups is a great way to get your word out to the right audience.  The Living Free group on Facebook(hyperlink) for example, is great for internal marketing and generating fresh ideas, while groups like Vegans in India (Hyperlink) help get your message out to many more people. Making your own group on facebook to promote your activities works well if you have the consistent time and energy to spend on it and is not advised for everyone.
  2. Whatsapp and Cross promotion: Starting a Whatsapp group on the other hand is an extremely effective local strategy. This can be a great tool for planning all upcoming activities, and it also provides a safe space for volunteers to share their ideas. Being a part of and cross promoting events, or sharing success stories on national and local groups also gets your name in the correct spotlight.
  3. Videos and other means: Shooting small 1 min videos of a success story, of anything interesting you’ve done during outreach also helps create an impact in the internal community.

While these activities will help you gain a strong foothold in the national community, here are some ideas to promote yourself locally:-

  1. Exclusive Coverage in Local Press:  The local press is often looking for interesting stories and events to cover – give them one by inviting the press to cover one of your more organized events.  Being consistent in your branding and crisp in your message helps get your brand noticed. Besides locals who learn about you, this coverage can also be used for posts on your digital forums.
  2. Advertising in the Radio: There are many active listeners of the radio, especially during prime time. Get one of them to talk to you about your motivations behind your work –you could also give out information for people to join your local group!
  3. Posters: If you’re looking for volunteers, or simply want to announce a BIG event, posters at the local hangouts are a great idea! This includes cafes, malls, colleges and other frequented places .
  4. Host a local event: Host a local event in your city and spread the word using all of the above mentioned tips – this will definitely help market your local group well.


Expert Speak


Aneeha, a long standing activist for farm animals – has brought the group to new heights thanks to her relentless activism, and innovation – she also runs the Living Free in Pune group that undertakes lots of diverse and novel outreach campaigns – chat to her about her marketing strategy at

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