Module 1– Volunteer Recruitment

Contributing time, energy and enthusiasm, volunteers are a boon to any group/organization. Effectively engaged, they can help megaphone our cause to a wide audience. However, recruiting and managing volunteers requires patience, time, and skill.


Great volunteers come in all age groups and with varied skill sets – what you’re looking for are passionate, motivated people, who can make time to speak up for animals.

  • Even as of the digital 21st century, there’s really no substitute for word of mouth – talk to colleagues, friends, existing activists and your old college teachers to find the individuals who can help you take your work to new heights.
  • If your network doesn’t yield favorable results, then the second easiest way to recruit volunteers is to conduct outreach – malls and colleges make the perfect venue! Motivated people often step up and are curious about getting involved. While conducting outreach, make sure you’re collecting e-mail addresses and phone numbers (using a simple pledge sheet), to reach back to these interested people.
  • Another extremely effective technique of recruitment is to stamp the leaflets with a local number – that way people can find their way back to you, when they’re interested!


After your event, you should have a few pledge sheets with numbers and emails of individuals who already support your cause! Pick up the phone and dial that number or send a quick email! Ensure that you follow up with them within a period of 48 hours to turn your audience into active volunteers.
Give them a chance for them to share their story- what motivates them, what got them thinking about animals in the first place, and where they are now. Baby steps are key, as you don’t want to intimidate anyone.

Step 3: Engaging them in smaller activities
Once you’ve got the foot through the door –don’t waste time –there’s a short span of time between which volunteers can get active or passive –hence keeping them involved as they come is very important!  A volunteer should always be activated within a week of being signed in.
Start by engaging new volunteers in simple activities, asking them to type in pledges sheets, design posters, or turn up for an existing event. Always ensure volunteers have clear responsibilities that aren’t overwhelming.


A common sense of community is what keeps people close knit and together- so have a little fun every once in a while! Organize a potluck or a merchandise selling drive – try your hand at new and innovative means of outreach!
One of the biggest strengths of a group is the sense of security of a community, so new people to your local whatsapp group – where they can ask their queries, talk about food, and share stories of personal motivation!

Expert Speak

Boasting of great numbers and dedicated volunteers, Welfare of Stray Dogs in Mumbai seem to have cracked the code for volunteer recruitment. Learn their strategy by mailing us at for a presentation.

What’s the motivation?

Look inwards - See what keeps your current volunteers motivated! Sustained volunteerism is based on the intrinsic desire to change things and have fun while doing it! Create a warm and welcoming environment to march onwards happy!

Video of the month!

Micaela Connery, founder of Unified Theater, knows all a
bout getting people to volunteer. Watch her
4 minute video to pick up the tricks of the trade!

Positivity is Key!

As vegans and as activists, we must learn to appreciate the changes that people are seeking to bring to their lives. It is important to know that no one needs all the information at once- and for some, change can be a time consuming process. Be patient and help people out – don’t judge and don’t let others pass judgments.  


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